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Part I – The Upcoming European Banking Crisis

How resilient are the largest banks of the eurozone? We looked at their balance sheets and recent stress test results in great detail. What we have found out is not reassuring.

The coronavirus pandemic might trigger a severe economic shock. Will the European banking system withstand this storm? (Photo: lenalindell20)

The coronavirus pandemic struck Europe completely unprepared. The old continent ignored the key lesson that Asian countries like South Korea, Singapore, or Hong Kong learned when dealing with SARS in 2003: You better be prepared.

When a new virus spreads, it is all important to act as fast and as determined as you possibly can. The same lesson applies when your banking system is collapsing.

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Test, 2020-07-08 13:50:08


admin, 2020-04-16 20:19:16

Hi John, Corporations, households, mortgages, given this huge economic shock that affects everyone, we would expect credit losses on all these actors. The problem really is that both households, financial companies, and nonfinancial companies have way higher leverage than what is sensible.

John Howell, 2020-04-14 14:39:14

In the 2008 crash bank insolvency originated from defaults on housing mortgages, and then, of course, was amplified by failures in derivatives. Can one identify this time a particular set of loans that are defaulting to trigger bank insolvency, like those of the housing market in 2008?







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