Coming Soon – The End of Banking in seven languages

There are some exciting news to share. We have teamed up with publishers around the world to get The End of Banking translated.


Coming soon, the German edition of The End of Banking (Photo: Campus)


The original English version was self-published, and it has successfully sparked a debate in economic and financial circles. This raised the interest of traditional publishers. With their help, we hope to spread our proposal to a broader audience.


As early as next year, The End of Banking will also be available in:


  • German (Das Ende der Banken, Campus)
  • Spanish (El fin de la banca, Taurus)
  • French (Pourquoi les banques vont disparaitre, Editions J C Lattès)
  • Italian (La fine delle banche, Mondadori)
  • Portuguese (Companhia das Letras)
  • Russian (Corpus Books)
  • Japanese (Kanki Publishing)



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