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Book of the Year Award!

We are pleased to announce that The End of Banking has been honored with a Book of the Year award by Foreword Reviews – time for us to look back on the past 10 months since publication.

We were in it to win it – and we did it! Happy to announce that we won a Book of the Year Award by Foreword.

What has started in a London Pub four years ago has reached another major goal. The End of Banking has been honored with a Book of the Year award by Foreword Reviews. For us, this was another great step forward. We are happy to look back on the past 10 months, which have offered many highlights.

Let us revamp what has happened since publication.

The early months

November 2014

Book released, and what a great start: Izabella Kaminska from The Financial Times Alphaville writes an overview article on our book and notes: «Sometimes it takes an absolutely new perspective to point out the elephant in the room that everyone else has managed to overlook.»


The CFA Institute blog reviews The End of Banking: «The book is well researched and is a stimulating, thought-provoking read.»

Happy New Year

January 2015

«The End of Banking is an important book about finance,» Reuters Breakingviews praises the new ideas.


Jonathan McMillan talks at the Alternative Banking Group of Occupy Wall Street in New York.


The End of Banking is featured as the cover story in Wilmott Magazine, a prestigious Wiley magazine for financial professionals.


Publisher's Weekly, «The bible of the book business,» describes The End of Banking as a thought-provoking book that has much to consider.

Getting More Traction


Jonathan McMillan presents at the CFA Society Switzerland.


Jonathan McMillan speaks at the GovKnow conference on «The Future of Financial Services - Governance, Regulation and Accountability» in London.


«A must-read for anyone interested in the future of finance,» the CEO of Lending Robot, who we have met at the LendIt conference in New York, is enthralled by The End of Banking.


Book of the Year Award by Foreword Reviews in the category Business and Economics!

We are happy that The End of Banking has been well received across the board. If you share our opinion that a true fix for our financial system should be elegant, comprehensive, and simple, you should get the book if you have not done so yet.

Finally, rest assured that we will continue to work on our idea. We will soon announce how we will bring The End of Banking to the next level, so stay tuned.

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